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Production Choices

Santissimx’s core values are the very foundations of our brand; innovative solutions, honesty and high ethical standards in every step. Our goal is to always deliver high quality. We carefully select suppliers who share our values and high focus on sustainability and are dedicated to producing high quality products with respect for humanity and the environment.


We produce beachwear, activewear, nativewear and Yoga-wear in Europe, working only with the very best European fabric suppliers and maintaining the same high, uncompromising focus and demand on product quality.

Together, we are constantly developing and testing new sustainable material, a common approach to improve based on our responsibility for the environment and people.


We have never been using silver or any anti-bacterial treatments as anti-odor in our beachwear, activewear, nativewear and Yoga-wear products as it can be harmful to both human health and the environment.  


Our goal is to avoid all unnecessary packaging and use a good, sustainable alternative where possible going forward.

In order to reduce the impact of transportation of our goods we focus on efficient and simplified logistics and by avoiding air freights as much as possible.


Everything we do is consciously designed to make a better product. Consciously chosen fabrics combine with technical materials to create harmony in form and function. Not to mention an uncommon rigour to the quality and finish; sustainable design is quite simply the soul of the company.

Our product team in Barcelona works relentlessly to make sure our beachwear, activewear, nativewear and Yoga-wear can withstand the demands of the progressive modern athlete and beach lovers. A passion and respect for materials is at the heart of our brand. We are obsessive about honesty and doing things the right way. For us, our consumers and our planet. Every product that carries the Santissimx brand has been lovingly and meticulously hand crafted by our team with love and ethics.


A passion for design is at the heart of our brand. We’re fabric fanatics and consciously choose technical materials that perform, but also look and feel beautiful.


There are always trade-offs. Artificial is always artificial, yet recycled is, after all, better than the non-recycled. So Santissimx focuses on increasing the use of recycled materials throughout the collection.

Artificial materials, synthetic and regenerated fibres have some outstanding advantages when it comes to activewear. For example, they keep you cool and tempered, they dry faster, are more stable, keep a fit better, are also more durable and have a longer life span than many natural materials. And if produced well, a long-lasting garment can also be seen as a good option from an environmental perspective. There is no golden rule; but in Santissimx we always do our best to find environmentally friendly options combined with superior functionality for training.


Polyamide and Re-cycled Polyamide. Common in Santissimx collection. Made of oil. A long-lasting soft, strong, stable and elastic fiber with fast absorption, quick-drying, good odor resistance, good color fastness and easy to wash properties. Our re-cycled polyamide is made from pre or post-consumer regenerated fiber, for instance old fishing nets, old carpets and waste from production of polyamide fabrics.

Polyester and Re-cycled Polyester. A small range of the Santissimx collection. Made of oil. A long-lasting, strong, stable and elastic fibre with fast absorbing, quick-dry, good color fastness and easy to wash properties. Less odor control and less soft than Polyamide. Our re-cycled polyester is mainly made of PET bottles and production waste.

Elastane and Re-cycled Elastane. Made of polyurethane or PU/polyester mix. Very elastic/flexible and used in mix with other fabrics to get stretch, good shape retention, improved fit and freedom of movement.


Lyocell is a cellulose fiber made of eucalyptus and produced in a closed production system that saves water and energy and the use of chemicals is controlled and environmentally friendly. That makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the textile business; very soft and strong, good absorption, quick dry, wrinkle resistant, natural odor resistant, and biodegradable.

Modal a cellulose fiber of beech (leafy tree), called man-made cotton and is often mixed with other fibers. Soft and strong, good absorption wrinkle resistant and quick-dry abilities.

Viscose is the first cellulose fiber made of any kind of wood or waste cotton fibers. It is a fluid fabric with good absorption features.


Cotton. Santissimx are increasing use of organic cotton when cotton is part of collection. It is a soft, comfortable and biodegradable fiber with good absorption abilities but long drying time.  Ordinary cotton production is water intensive, the use of biocides is high and the production is chemical intensive.

Wool comes mainly from sheep. Great function as a base layer with warming properties even when wet and good absorption. Biodegradable fiber, water-, dirt-, flame- and naturally odor resistant.


18k gold !. . . hand crafted live by Ebi iMagine in one of creativity’s highest displayed performances “Own a moment of time”

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18k Gold


Originally hand crafted live by EBi iMagine at Alabriga Hotel 5 stars Gran Lujo, while performing one of creativity’s highest displayed performances “Dans Les Coulisses” with the mediterranean sea as witness.

250 digital printed went soldout within 2 months. Now the originals painted by EBi iMagine with 18k gold dusted acrylic paint, are placed on auction, with a certificate and serial numbers “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” accompanied with photographs that testifies the trace of authenticity of then and now.

“Own a moment of time”

“Own a moment of time”

Unique size equivalent to an “S” Hand crafted black high neck, long sleeves, made of 95% organic cotton, and 5% elastane. Painted with acrylic paint dusted with 18k gold.


From the 14th of December 2023 to 14th of January 2024, bid to own a moment of time. Once the highest bid comes in, we will notify the end of this auction, with a notice on this page.

6000€ (Golden bid)

Nothing higher than GOLD.

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3600€ (Neptune bid)

In the universe we trust.


2300€ (Visionary’s bid)

Eagle view.



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