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18k gold !. . . hand crafted live by Ebi iMagine in one of creativity’s highest displayed performances “Own a moment of time”

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18k Gold


Originally hand crafted live by EBi iMagine at Alabriga Hotel 5 stars Gran Lujo, while performing one of creativity’s highest displayed performances “Dans Les Coulisses” with the mediterranean sea as witness.

250 digital printed went soldout within 2 months. Now the originals painted by EBi iMagine with 18k gold dusted acrylic paint, are placed on auction, with a certificate and serial numbers “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” accompanied with photographs that testifies the trace of authenticity of then and now.

“Own a moment of time”

“Own a moment of time”

Unique size equivalent to an “S” Hand crafted black high neck, long sleeves, made of 95% organic cotton, and 5% elastane. Painted with acrylic paint dusted with 18k gold.


From the 14th of December 2023 to 14th of January 2024, bid to own a moment of time. Once the highest bid comes in, we will notify the end of this auction, with a notice on this page.

6000€ (Golden bid)

Nothing higher than GOLD.

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3600€ (Neptune bid)

In the universe we trust.


2300€ (Visionary’s bid)

Eagle view.



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